Actually Won a Battle with Birds

So while waiting for my wife to finish up the 10 and 5 bird battle towers out at a restaurant, I decided for the fun of it to put throw a team of birds together and play a PvP battle. I thought it would be funny to play a team of birds figuring who ever I would get matched with would have to be sick of battling birds.

That was a really good battle and was close. I didn’t expect to win at all. I always thought of birds as really weak. I swapped more than the AI. My opponent swapped a few times also. Really wish I had recorded that one.



There are more legendary and unique birds now. Go ahead to get a full team of stronger team of birds.

Missing the birb of birbs Dimodactylus xD Swap in bleed Insta pin

Alanqa literally has the most awesome beak in the history of the world, and it saddens me to know its extinct :frowning:


Level 25 speed 143 Thor was not expecting to be bleeding and pinned lol. The match was close(because this Thor was a bit of a beast it could come back), until there Thor was bleeding and pinned.

From there its easy clean up…



The birds are situational. Obviously you are probably not going to take Arambourgiania all the way to 30 but it has a place in skill tournaments.

Swap in abilities were kind of intended by Ludia to be game changing things so you never predict what happens in battle and they’ve come out repeatedly in various forum and facebook posts to say birds are based around swap ins. The whole game change aspect loses a little when the bird swaps into a defense shattering rampage though. They did “handle” this by giving one Swap in Distraction and made sure the moment it was released that it was used to fuse another unique that wasn’t even a bird nor had swap in distraction. Then they possibly wondered why no one brought it up to team level and used it to deal with rampages.

I use Dimorphadon to piss off Thor just like the other poster. So much to the point that I tier 5 boosted it all across. C’mon, tier 5 is really cheap for 30% boost and you get it back in 2-3 weeks.

Alankylosaurus can also ruin Erlidominus’ day.

Nice! Honestly using dimorphodon shouldn’t piss ppl off its a total risk. You know you will lose the dimo even if its the hybrid its going to get killed. Being hit with a dimo is much more skilled than a rat that can just kill you on swap. Using dimorph or dimo is much more strategic imo.

You have to pull it at the right moment. And doesn’t just guarantee a kill like that. More likely to scare them into swapping etc. It’s also actually satisfying to use a fair swap strategical move set.

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I hope Dimodactylus gets a unique hybrid! One with some health and an actual damaging hit. Something like Quetzorion

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I do have a Dimodactlyus and Ankylosaurus at level 20 but not playing in that range yet in PvP.

What I am finding as I put together all these different theme’d teams is for the most part they are balanced.

Immune creatures are the weakest so far, then bleeders and long necks. All the rest are very balanced.

The best are the evaders and stunners. Because of the 12 battle daily mission, I chain battle with my primary account that has Thor, Tryklo, Indo, Utasino and I use that to determine the strength of these different themes as I try to beat my themed teams with my primary account.

I’m working to put together more themed teams. I haven’t brought Owen’s team up to level 15 for Raptors yet. That’s next on the list.



Ack. I did mean Dimo. I’m not quite that insane to use Dimporphadon.

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For some unknown reason Ludia decided that Immune equals frail.

It made sense with the thin little Gallimimus having evasive but the glassy just seems to plague all immune creatures.

That might be the reason why they nerfed Magna.

I still lost to a Magna because I couldn’t do anything to it. Can’t bleed, can’t shield. the One Crunch I got was immediately distracted and put to sleep like a rabid animal.

I guess Ludia just figured Magna will just get ratted instantly anyway so lol

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Finally unlocked Pterovexus on Saturday and even leveled up to 22. It’s my 8th unique so I have an all-green team and I’m excited to have a bird on my team again. Still trying to figure out if it’s going to stay but it’s won at least one match with swap-in wound for me.