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Ad and chat bugs

I keep seeing, for the last two days pop up ads about 2 for 1 silverhand weapons, but all the store has is common packs for sale. I often get such messages for sales or events, (in the in box too) but do not see what is offered. Is this in part due to the time difference between north america and europe? Regardless, I want to see timely, relevant ads or none at all.

When in guild chat, the app randomly decides when I am done typing and just posts whenever. Judging from other guild members garbled messages, I am not alone. As well, I would appreciate being able to carry on a conversation without waiting for ludia’s okay on all of my messages. How about you let us carry on until a guild member reports something? I hardly think it’s ludia’s business what pets I keep. If it’s some automatic list of flagged words, then it is time to remove some words ( like “responsibility”). Feeling like I am in a security state

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Hello Slimeworms, that does sound bothersome. Our support team can try to assist you with this. You can reach out to them at and don’t forget to include your support key to expedite locating your account. Thank you!