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Ad Crashes, Screen Lockups, etc. with New Update

Haven’t seen any thread on here yet so wanted to open one for reports of all the problems we’re seeing in this latest update.

Mostly it seems to be lots of problems after an ad completes playing (versus the issue they seemed to be trying to address, which is errors when you try to watch an ad that cause it to not play). I’ve experienced a number of different ones, usually the game crashing and throwing me out with the popup error screen, but have also had what I’d describe as a screen freeze, with the screen going black, but not completely frozen (keeps shimmering like it’s trying to do something, but ultimately I have to restart the game).

I really didn’t have too much trouble with ads before, but this update has made things VERY unstable anywhere that you watch ads. The chance that I won’t successfully get through the ad for the second wheel spin on PvPs is particularly frustrating.


Hi, I’m new to the forum. Also trying to get answers to the glitches that have appeared since update. I rely on ads for gaining DNA and the 'Watch Ad’s button is sometimes there but goes once an ad is watched. Have msg Lucida but no reply. Is there anything I can do?

I have no problems with ads for 20 minutes speedup in the hatchery and the creation lab. If I watch an ad before a fight I lose my connection 100%. The only good thing about it is that my creatures don’t go in cooldown.


My game has been crashing constantly for the past week. I cannot close the notifications window that pops up when you first enter the game. Every attempt to close the notifications window crashes the game. This is on top of the pre-existing problem of being unable to access any of the battles without the game crashing. I have informed Ludia Support and their answer was that the problem was on my end yet it’s strange how all of these problems started after update 43…

I am on level 87, am not a VIP player (see no benefit in being a VIP) and have been playing this game for almost five years. Very disappointed that the best Ludia can give me is “Not our problem.”

My Code 19 slider often, at least once per run, has a short freeze while he slides. I always miss when this happens.
That makes it almost impossible to have a perfect Code 19.:tired_face:

I cant say that I have been running into any issues other than the initial Prize drop video issue which has worked the last two days now.

If you are playing on an older device I could see where as they do further updates to the game the hardware you play the game on might need to be improved. What device are you currently using and how much free space do you have on it?

Yes, I’ve had a lot of connection failures before a fight watching an ad too, but as you said, they don’t go into CD, so sometimes the 2nd or 3rd time I’m able to get through.

Hatchery and CL speedups usually working for me as are the free ad watches for DNA… but not always. These seem to be the least likely to crash though.

The second wheel spin seems to be about 50-50 on the crashes.

That’s a bummer, my Code 19s do seem to be okay, I just am very rusty and not doing well on the slider as that’s always been the hardest one for me to get perfectly.

@Swocase - unfortunately Ludia support has a bad habit of telling players problems are due to our devices, even when the evidence simply doesn’t support it. Such as a player whose game had been working fine and then a recent update causing it to start crashing regularly. When the primary purpose of an update was supposedly bug fixes, that shouldn’t cause problems on devices that previously working. But it could also just be coincidence and something glitched out around the same time. If you haven’t already, you should try removing the game and reinstalling it, assuming you are using a FB or Apple account and your game is saved on their servers.

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Hi Everyone, I’m new to the forum.

Since the new update I haven’t had one single option for video content. It used to work perfectly for me (for dna rewards, for speed ups, prize drop etc), never crashed, but I don’t even have the button anymore.

Also, related issue. Yesterday I just wanted to check the tournament results to see the remaining cooldown time for my main guys when suddenly a flash occured on my screen and at least 8-10 dinos came out of cool down at the same time, without me clicking on their buttons. This resulted in me losing circa 1000 dino bucks.

I also had the strange bug that was previously reported (it actually happened before the update) when I lost a couple of thousand LPs for LP packs I didn’t want. The ‘Need more cash?’ ad kept popping up and the game constantly crashed. I had to restart my device and then I got the notification about my LPs spent, congratulating me for the rewards I couldn’t see while I was disconnected. I got at least one 2000 LP pack and a 4000 LP pack when I was saving up for 20000 LP pterodactylus. :frowning: Lesson learned I immediately spend my LPs the moment I hit 10000.

I was upset about the DBs and LPs spent, but there’s nothing to be done now. The missing video content option bothers me though. How should I proceed? Will there be a fix, should I send a ticket?

I would for sure send in a ticket. That sounds like your device is also doing things on its own which is also a bit disturbing.

Thanks! I sent the ticket. Hopefully support team can resolve the issue.