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Ad error no content available

I’m getting ad error no content available.

I’ve gotten for dna, building, evolve and hatchery speeds ups.

I’ve tried Resetting the game and my advertising Id, neither has helped. I don’t get it everytime in a row, but it does happen a lot.

Furthermore, when I do dna ads, I don’t get 50 or 10. I get nothing. I first noticed this while watching tv and doing dna ads, but it spread to all of them.


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Same thing happens to me, how long was this happening?

Same problem here too. When I got that message trying to speed up hatchery, I lost my speed ups for ads option and only speed ups for DBs became available.

When I switched to cellular data, I was able to complete my free videos for the Prize Drops, but after that no videos available again.

Edit: @Laky_Jesterlly happened starting morning today for me.

Started around 11:30am pst for me. I was doing yard work much of the morning before that.

I hope we get this fixed soon :frowning:

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I’m still getting this, this morning. I have a land speed up that reliably produces this.

Lost speed ups seem to come back a few minutes later.

Edit: affecting battle cools downs too. :worried:

Same here :frowning:

Me too! Cant speed up anything with ads!

Hey everyone, could you check and see if your Customer Support Settings or Interest-Based Ads in your in-game Settings is toggled on? You can check by tapping on the gear icon on the upper left corner and selecting Help & Support.

If it is red, then it is “Disabled”, and if it is green, then it is “Enabled”.

If you’re still having issues with your ads, please do not hesitate to contact our support team here at with your support key. Thanks!

It isn’t on, but when I try to turn it on, it won’t work

Update its on, but the same problem appears

I tried both ways, none worked. i even tried having on green and the other red and still no ads

Hey Laky_Jesterlly, it should be working correctly if it is already toggled off. It’s possible that there are no more videos available at the moment, which means you’ll have to wait for more content to be available again.

Thank you, so it should be off?

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Correct. :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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Im sorry for bothering, but If this problem doesn’t get solved, Is it ok If I contact your support?

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Hey Laky_Jesterlly, if you’re having concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. :smiley:


Settings are as asked.

How long should we wait?

Also, what is the cap, so we can plan ahead and not run out?

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This cant be a user problem because many of us are having the same problem. And also, this only happens when you want to speed up

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