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Ad error no content available

I have the same problem, and didn’t watch an advertisement all day… so it looks like it’s a problem at ludia.


I think something similar happened during their last update. People were having this issue then, a week later a new update came out to fix this issue.

I also am having the same issue since yesterday, on both of my devices (Android phone and iPad). The settings seem to be reversed. If I agree to the terms, it turns them off. If I Decline, they turn on. But neither results in the ads working. I have to think this is related to the problem though.

Arrgh, not sure if I should wait to play my tournament run which normally would do with mostly free ad-watch battles in hopes they get this fixed.

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Hey Mary_Jo, “agreeing” would toggle them off.

I also tried to reinstall the game but still the same problem :sleepy:

That doesn’t make any sense. If I agree to watch ads, it toggles them off??

I noticed this some time ago! Thought it was a bug in my account but it seems more people have the same problem. If I accept the terms, it turns them off whoever, if I decline, they become green.

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It’s related to the Privacy Protection status, so if it is enabled, you might have trouble seeing Tapjoy offers, free spins, or watching videos for resources.

But it cant be that. Otherwise I couldnt watch any ads.
The problem happens when we try to speed up the hatchery or incubator or battle cooldown.

Huh?? How does that explain why accepting the terms of watching ads, turns ads off and declining terms turns them on.

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Hey Mary_Jo, from my understanding, the Privacy Protection is for Interest-Based Ads. So agreeing with the terms will disable the Privacy Protection for the Interest-Based Ads option.

I could definitely reconfirm with our team and get back to you, however. :smiley:

So does this mean that this will get fixed? I mean it is a problem for everyone, not for one person.

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Hey Laky_Jesterlly, usually, “no contents available” means that there are no more videos to watch, and you have to wait until they become available again. However, if you have concerns, our team would be happy to take a closer look at your account if you contact them with your support key.

I already did

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I’m really not sure what you are referring to. There is a Privacy Policy in the same area that the toggles are, bit it doesn’t have anything for accepting those terms.

The Interest-Based Ads and Customer Support Settings both have their own popup terms, that if you accept them, turn these settings off, which is the opposite of what you would expect by accepting them.

This is a problem we are all having, before watching a single ad.

Here they are for reference
As @Mary_Jo was saying, the logical interpretation is that if you agree to the information displayed above, it means that you want interest based ads and optimal customer support. And so, the red/green toggle square should become green. But, in reallity, if you agree with those informations, the square becomes red.
As I said before, the first time I noticed this, was two weeks ago, so perhaps it was already like this for a long time before that. I thought it was miss interpretation by me but now I think there is something wrong.

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I just got response from the support team. They said that this is probabbly because I have interest based ads turned on, which is not the case, or that tapjoy has no more videos for us to watch, so like Ned said, we will have to wait.

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We will have to wait for tapjoy to put more ads basically

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No ads for any of us?? That seems a bit unlikely. Particularly with all the COVID19-related ads that started showing up! It’s not like they don’t recycle the same ads over and over again.