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Adam is one of my favourites, and to me one of the hottest characters in Lovelink. (Finding a cartoon hot is not weird at all, ok?) He has a really long and complex story that I have mixed feelings about.

Started with first taking off to Paris without even thinking of inviting MC, then the whole blaming MC for the bad reviews on his(their) exhibit, after MC enduring his whole being stalked and threatened by his ex Holly thing.

I like how he’s trying to conquer MC again, the picnic was really sweet, but feels like a little too less. I mean, get your butt back home and conquer her in person!

But still love you Adam!


Great! You started a thread about them! Ive been wanting to hear more opinions of the story from other players :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Ive been wondering if the story is worth investing time into. I havent been that excited about it so far and thats why havent even made it into the first date yet. Just somehow I thought he and his story was too vanilla for my liking in the beginnig. Seems like I might have given up too quickly on the story :thinking:


I honestly feel is worth it. It is kinda vanilla but the story is interesting, and idk, he’s one of the eye candy of the males characters :blush::blush:

Adam’s story is one of my favorites. I can’t wait to see where it goes. Hopefully he comes home soon :crossed_fingers: