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Adam level up?

Just wondering how far people have made it with Adam Johnson?? No spoilers though!!

Every single person I currently have away “for a while” have reached the winky face status but I somehow made it past that with Adam and we’re at heart eyes, and the reward was 25 gems. I haven’t met the pause with him just yet and I’m wondering if he’s just a longer story in general or what! I just can’t believe I reached that with him before anyone else (like my baby Skylar, ya know).

Was his story expanded and I just didn’t know as I was playing or is his story just longer?? It’s just so weird to me!

I have maxed out adams story but I’ve made it to the heart stage which is pass the eyes with the hearts

Oooh, good to know! That’s crazy that we can make it so far with him already.

So does yours say he’s offline for a while or is it… done done? I hope it’s just a pause, I’m growing to him! I’m just glad we have someone with a longer storyline, I guess haha

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I got to :heart: Status with Adam before he went grey.

He is just offline for awhile. We should be getting more of his story. Will just take awhile.

I have heart eyes with Adam. I didn’t realize that was rare. For some reason I feel like his bar was really easy for me to fill compared to most. I don’t even spend gems on him. :sweat_smile:


I’ve made it to the :heart: Stage with him, but I’ve used all the gem options with him. He’s my fave guy, love him :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s super weird- I realized later that I had already reached heart eye status with Ryan before he went grey. I didn’t make it to :heart: With Adam before he went, though. I did hit heart eyes with Noah and Austin just recently. Austin and I are about to level up very soon but I’m not sure if it’s for a :heart: status yet haha

This game made me realize I have a thing for dark hair or maybe just bad boys in general :joy: I’m sooo into Skylar and Austin and I’m in agony waiting or Skylar to come back!!! I feel like I’ll be hitting the end with Austin pretty soon and that’s sad to me- I’m reaaaallly liking him. We’re far into heart eyes! I didn’t think I’d like him but he grew on me A LOT.

I wasn’t liking Adam at first either and even unmatched him at one point but got him back when I had a lack of conversations. He’s grown on me slowly, I just didn’t realize how far I was with him until I saw that 25 gem sign!

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I’ve liked Adam since the beginning, boy won me over lol. I like both Austin and Skylar as well, Austin took some time but I’m smitten.