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Add a advance in team before start the battle


Hey Ludia there is something important in the game you should add, you know there are Dinos has advance other Dinos like meat eaters attacks is weaker against Crocs can you add something for example you place a Croc in team( before you start battle) how much the meat eater will lose attack against the Croc? I think it would help us alot to pick better Dinos for fight


It is plus/minus 50%. So if you have 1000 attack, it will be 500 against an advantaged class and 1500 against a disadvantaged class. It’s pretty fast to do in your head.


Ludia doesn’t need to hold our hand it’s pretty easy


I just memorized the rough ballpark of my dinos.

For example, my 2 lvl 30 Ostaposauruses will do 5000 attack, which is enough to 2-shot any dino below 5010.

Or how my 3 lvl 30 Prestosuchuses will do 4700 in 2 attack
My 3 lvl 30 Mastadontasauruses will do 3800 in 2 attack

Those are just examples, and I know the TTK of roughly half of my dino roster, since I have just about every base game dino at level 40, and most tourney, hybrid, or VIP dinos at level 40, 30, or below.

If memory isn’t your strong suit, compile a list of all your dino attacks so you can look at said list when your fighting. However, only focus on the +50% damage bonus, and not the -50%. You should be switching dinos out if you’re being countered, otherwise it will take more attack point to kill your opponent, and then the enemy AI could easily reverse-sweep you. The only times when I don’t swap for my best is

  • When I have 2 dinos left vs 1 enemy, and I’m using my countered dino first to build up reserve
  • When the 1 point needed for switching could be used to kill the enemy dino, whereas if I switch I’ll be 1 point down (this is the case for my tanky dinos, where their attack is very low)

Thanks for info guess i am silly…