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Add a boost reset to the store

A lot of people want a boost reset. Personally I think the strongest argument is that it would bring more variety to the game. The meta is very stale now and hardly anything changes until Ludia does the next rebalance in a few months. There are other reasons as well.

Put a significant pricetag on it, like 1000 hard cash or 50 000 coins. This makes it so you can’t just respec for every tournament and raid battle, but its still low enough so that you can invest in a reset every now and then to try out new creatures and strategies.I truly belive that adding more options and variety to your team(s) will make the game more interesting for everyone.


We had this talk 6 months ago… IMHO, 500hc for a single dino boost reset “pill” you can only buy 1 a week and you can hold no more than 2 at a time in inventory. It would allow us to use our in game resources and make it a hard choice to reset a dino so it wouldn’t be abusable


How could it bring more variety? After a boost reset, everybody will boost their Apex, or the top tier dinos… At least right now, there’s a lot of different dinos… Currently, I’m fighting about 20 differents dinos… After a boost reset, I’ll end up fighting the same 10…

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Because there is not one single answer to “what’s the best team”. If you look at the top 3 players alone there are currently two different legandaries and two different epics on their teams.There are many other possible stratgeies involving some unexpected creatures but most people will never be able to try them unless they can move their boosters.

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Boost reset should be a part of regular event/update Boost reset (Poll)


I’m down for this

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most people will just pick the top 8 creatures (maybe top 10). very few make teams to counter what the majority play. if players would make their own teams so there isn’t necessarily a “meta” then boost resets would make sense more often. but history begs to differ.

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Before the latest matchmaking horror by Ludia, for the players on the Beach, the top 50 players all had VERY similar dinos (even if they often had access to likely 20 boosted dinos). Today, they can take anything they wish and have fun. They likely have more than 30 dinos to pick from, and somebody with over 10000 to 12000 trophy get to fight players with only 6000… So, yes, there’s a lot of fun to be had in the top of the ladder, but in the Library or Sphere, it’s another story. Do a boost reset tomorrow, and I’m sure there will be a boatload of fully boosted Apexes, and sure enough, mostly fully top tiers dinos.


I would personally love an option to have a boost reset option. I was convinced Mortem would be good at level 28 fully boosted and it simply isn’t. So those 28 boosts would be way better on Cera in a week or two when I unlock it, and Hadros when it reaches the same level.

I do agree that the arena will sadly soon be full if the same creatures because they are simply so op and will benefit most from the boosts.

Cera will be worse that the rat was when it had DSR swap in, and Hadros with boosts is a nightmare against pretty much anything.

Ludia are smart though, and they are unlikely to give us an option to get the boosts back when there are players willing to buy what they need. Look at this weeks offerings in the store for proof of that.


That’s so right… Would do exactly the same thing!!! Mortem will never be a top gun in PvP. It’s OKish at best. And it’s useful totally unboosted (particularly at level 28) for many raids, so why spend boost on it, when we’re about to have a much better Apex coming in soon. A fully boosted Cera will be a nightmare compared to Mortem.


This shouldn’t even be a topic. Its a clear flaw in logic in the game. My boosts are my boosts and I should be able to move them around as I wish anytime I want with no penalty…period.

Accepting anything less than this is unacceptable to me.


Yes I agree but we have to see other players point of view because this will benefit more to top players… when tournament comes you won’t even have a chance to pass the first kill. That is no good for low players.

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nope that mean the rich get richer the poor get smashed :stuck_out_tongue:
just do more boost resests for everyone then its even but i would suggest give a leadup to when to give people a chance to not waste boostes like i have

If you think the arena is bad now wait for a boost reset. Players are unlocking the apex dinos now and there will be a bunch of maxed out ones in all arenas. Some of you have been saving boosts for these when you unlock them but others are waiting for a boost reset because they use all their boosts as soon as they get them to have fun now.

I’m sorry but what “could happen” is a terrible excuse to not want a boost reset. This forum is 60% complaining that the arena is imbalanced and you all think a boost reset will damage it. A boost reset will improve the arena because the people who will cause the issues you’re concerned with have already boosted those same few dinos, in the mean time people who are bored with “the meta” will experiment and diversify just as we saw last time. People who have been leveling other options will switch it up and people who rely on crutch dinos already do

I really do like the single dino reset “pill” that you can’t stockpile for X amount of hc idea. On one hand, ludia would still get “revenue” from it from people buying them and on the other hand, this would give players some form of “safety” when a patch rolls in and random buffs/nerfs are applied to random dinos.

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I am actually for a boost reset. The next update is a major update with creature balancing. This should come with a reset. Just saying that 2 weeks after the reset there will be complaints about nitro apex’s ruining the arena. Lol.

Wait, WHAT??? Last time, we had a reset with 2.0. Everybody was saying that Maxima would be overpowered when we saw the patch notes. After 2.0, half the players had fully boosted their Maxima while the other half was asking for another boost reset because they simply boosted back their old line up. End result, everybody ended up learning their lesson and after the second boost reset, everybody had boosted the top tier dinos, and we ended up with the most boring PvP fight ever. Today, the only difference in PvP is those who were smart enough to keep their boost so they would have some when they would unlock the Apex. So currently, we are only fighting a fully boosted Apex here and there. Do a boost reset tomorrow, and the only variety we will see is having to fight top tier dinos again, but with many boosted Apex thrown in the mix…

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I don’t know where you battle and different arenas will influence your perspective but in Gyro And lower shores there is significantly better variety than before. Eventually boosts will reset again, bet on it, its just a question of when. Boost resets are the ONLY path to variety because by there nature they prevent it

Instead of costing HC. How about it cost gold just like the 350 darts we get for 100 coins?