Add a chatting interface with other players

Add a chatting interface like world chat private chat adding friends and fighting in friendly matches and challenges and also add a system of alliance guild better make it PMDA(park management and development association) which will have members who can help each other grow by sharing a limited amount of resources per day and there will PMDA tournaments where players will compete in groups and win rewards like DNA ,GoLd and food etc. But the chatting system is a urgent necessity because a online game without chatting interface is a little boring on the edge thank you


Welcome @gaming_disaster_by_s. Maybe you don’t win coin or food as you can get them very easily. Maybe DNA, bucks or lp

I agree with you but the factor is game is a business now if they give out the rarer currency faster they will have lesser income so I just thought both ways

for a chat or pm messages Ludia would have to remade this game to full online version with alliances pvp, special pvp tournaments (i not mean unlocking ones those should stay with bots) Alliances, trading etc, that can give to this game new life new events new posibilities older players would helped to "young players and everybodys could help each other, I same as many of us would be very, very happy for that, but i think Ludia dont want that

For the reason if many players together for this and and keep posting request for the chat interface might change the view point of the company afterall majority wins🤔

Maybe if we get petition from many players,(many i mean really thousands) we want the game online with new functions, then maybe :smiley: And maybe the reason why Ludia dont want is they would have to contact hackers to file themselves, requesting a reset of their accounts, otherwise their accounts will be banned. Which would mean that Ludia would really have to take action against hackers, while now they’re just making empty statements and doing nothing. Maybe it’s a buried dog

We should make a petition and I think everyone agreed to what I suggested here so Ludia Inc will what players really demand am I wrong?

From what I know Ludia already made the game you are asking for, it is called Jurassic World Alive. This has been a request before and the answer I seem to remember is they intend to keep JWTG in its corner and JWA in its corner and not blend the two games. So if those things you are requesting are a make it or break it scenario then I suggest putting your focus towards JWA since that game has most of what you are asking for.

Doesn’t mean it’s never coming to JWTG, I just wouldn’t hold your breath.


yep but thats like

  • “hey can you give me an apple?”
  • “No, bec you have a pear take that.”

Well it looks similar, but taste its different. JWA is good, i donts say it isnt, but its different and jwtg its better, for me, even for me who has a body hendikep, so i dont aceppt their answer and if there will be a petition i am in

I doubt about that, my experinces are, that Ludia just ignore 99.9% post here, i can say i dont understand why they made this section of sugesstion

Is there anyway we can actually make a petition to reach out to the developers may be we can start up by forming a discord this game is indeed very good but it needs tons of improvement in it

Only email on support is to way how to delivery a petition

My idea was make a discord channel bring as much people together from fb groups and insta pages and then send mass pettition Focused on one topic to the Devs by email

You can try it so what we want exactly?

Its pretty obvious we need a proper chatting interface and a friend’s system otherwise there is no point on this game being a online game

I would say it’s more akin to the following…

Customer walks into a store sees two items pears and apples.

Store owner (Ludia) says feel free to pick which one you want to taste and eat, and if you want you can pay for them.

Customer says I like your apples and pears but do you have any peapples or applears?

To which Ludia responds with no but we hope you enjoy the apples and pears we have for you.

Now there is nothing wrong with asking if they have applears or peapples, but if they say they don’t and don’t plan to carry them you have really two choices enjoy the apples and pears or find a different store owner to shop with.


chat system messages, pvp, alliances, trading, new events pv tournaments for a special rewards…

well quite interesting writen :smiley: btw did you see mine gorgos?

Still dont think anything would change, ludia now has 2 games bringing in different kinds of players and income.

Jwtg is single player park simulation game.

Jwa is multiplayer battle game.

I would like if they changed the battles within jwtg as currently the reserve builder is kinda broken to the point that second player is always at a disadvantage, probably why they changed things since the mosa tournament and now even in PvP if I start second and I havent got class advantage I just quit and start a new match because second player will be 2 points behind 1st player based on reserves.

The battles aren’t the be all and end all though and I still prefer jwtg over alive even tho alive battles are more stable with factors like speed and crit included making it more battle functioning like pokemon.

But I’m here for the park building and collection side of things and that’s why I stick to the game.

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I dont understand what you mean now but pvp in jwtg are bots.