Add a child lock PLEASE

How many of you have accidentally a) leveled up a dino past its hybrid point, b) done a fusion you didn’t mean to, or c) bought something from the in-game store that you didn’t want via misclick, pocket purchase, or small child with fast fingers?

It’s a little too easy to do these things. I think the game would benefit hugely from a simple “child lock” that prevents level-ups, fusions, and in-game purchases when it’s engaged. I know I’m not the only one who has suggested/asked for this. It could have a PIN or even just be a simple slider in the settings page where it’s unlikely to become disengaged by accident.

And while we’re at it, could we also have the ability to disable phone vibration for dino spawns? I’ve heard suggestions to put your phone in “do not disturb” mode but even that doesn’t stop it on mine. Silent/do not disturb/effects and sounds off in game - STILL it vibrates. Maybe it depends on the phone but I CANNOT turn it off and It’s annoying (and embarrassing) when I’m riding in the car with someone and trying to play unobtrusively, especially since Ludia upped the frequency of prox spawns. (If anyone has figured out a workaround here I’m all ears - I’m on Android, Moto Z2 Force.)


They probrably will for dinos but not purchases, that require real money they want your money, mistake or not, they’ll take any money.


You need to alter the settings of your “do not disturb” mode first, switching vibration off. Then you can use it without vibration. Be sure to check all (calls, messages, push notifications etc)

Thanks, I’ll give that a try! (I still feel like they should make it easy to disable the vibration in game settings.)

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Just go to sounds and turn off vibrate on silent and put your phone on silent