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Add a feature to name Dinos


Hey Ludia i think it would be great to add new feature to name our Dinos or give them nickname and it shows next to the Dino name what do you guys think?


Yes I totally agree because the names are way to long and I can’t pronounce half of them or remember any of them really so please take this request into consideration please please please.


Ikr we need it i hope they will listen to the post


If they were to add a nickname feature. I would name my Velociraptor Slash.


Good name i wonder when they will add Nickname opinion


I hope soon because I CAN NEVER REMEMBER THEIR NAMES. Why did they make them so Long. Lol I can’t even pronounce half of them. Ahhahaah


Not a fan of this idea


Well they could make it to where you have the OPTION to change it. So if you don’t want to that’s up to you. Because NOBODY ELSE CAN SEE THE “NAME” of the Dino’s they are fighting with anyways. We all know them by SIGHT. So what does it matter if “WE” change the name of our OWN Dino’s. It won’t really effect ANYBODY ELSES GAME. SO MY THOUGHT IS TO BE ABLE TO CHANGE OR ADD ONTO THE “”LAST PART”” of THE DINOS NAME. THAT WAY WE STILL KNOW THE FIRST PART OF THEIR NAMES SO WE DONT GET THROWN OFF WHENEVER LUDA IS TALKING ABOUT THAT SPECIFIC DINO.