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Add a filter feature on the map!


Not all of us have that magic finger that can precisely pick out an ourano behind a big _ss apato in the driving speed!!!

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In addition to your point, many dinos are just too small, it is literally impossible to click on them no matter how good you are. Even big ones like Ouranosaurus are extremely difficult to click on because they made THE STRIKE EVENT HIT BOX IS WAY TOO BIG! The huge majority of the time that we are clicking on a strike event, it’s not actually for the srtike event, it’s for the supply drop or to get a creature that spawned on it. To make the strike event so primary was a huge mistake.

Ludia could make it so that we can turn off strike events or they disappear when we complete them, or at least make the hit box smaller. It’s very upsetting that Ludia has done nothing at all to address this problem. I’ve lost countless wild spawns AND scent spawns which cost me money.

IMO,. this is the number one problem in the game that needs to be fixed.


That is another good idea is to make the strike tower or bases much smaller.

Yea it can be sometimes annoying that the only time you get the dino in the strike tower is when you doing the strike tower but at least we can dart it and make it go away but the strike towers don’t go when you want the raptor inside and you can’t poke on it.

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