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Add a friend system

so jurassic world alive had a friend system so why not jurassic world the game?

And if a friend system did get added to jwtg i have a concept of what it would look like
The way you get friends is the same way you do it in jwa,you send a friemd request to another player and if the other player confirms it you will be friend with that player,and once you do that
There are a few options

1 visit park:
You can visit you friends park and motivate their dinos to boost their coin production for a short period of time,And you can also speed up timers like the hatchery or the hammond creation lab

2 send gifts:
This one is pretty obvious you can send gifts to your friends that can be in the form of coins,dino bucks,dna,food,and even card packs


they should make you a president


I wouldn’t say that card packs be sent, but maybe after a certain number of days as friends and number of gifts sent to the friend, you can unlock better gifts. With the visit, I wouldn’t mind that, but I would say that you have to pay a fee if you want to interact with the creatures. I would say an amount of coins. Also if you visit, there is a treat option for you. You hit the button, the Dino receives a small amount of food and eats it, the coins get boosted for x amount of time. With the speeding up, I would say the same as the card packs. Maybe around 10% at the most for hatching and evolving. However, only one person can do this per creature, and a few per day total. 5 should be ok, and this is a number seen by anyone who enters the hatchery/evolution station. That way multiple accounts have a harder time with being able to abuse the system.


The gifts you sent will be randomized and the chance of sending a card pack is around 5%


so it wouldn’t be too overpowered :wink:


Yeah I think they had something like that in JPB


good idea. It sounds like some other games I’ve played which is the exact reason this will almost never be added. I mean it sounds great and people would love it but the amount of time it would take to implement these things is beyond what Ludia wants to do with this game.

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So there’s no adding friends in his game?

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Not that I know of😂

Another idea is that you can trade resource and dinos with friends

that seem cool

For those who don’t know, here is what you could do in Jurassic Park Builder with the add friends feature.

  • Visit and view friends’ parks
  • Give daily gifts to friends
  • Help friends with evolving creatures

For the third bullet point, I would like to add an explanation along with a JWTG-implementable counterpart to it. Although I’m pretty sure at this point it is unlikely, one can hope and suggest.

  • Jurassic Park Builder : Once you start an evolution, there were quite a lot of tries (depending on creature rarity) to complete the evolution. Each attempt took coins and the animation was in the form of DNA appearing in three slots, DNA in one or two slots meant partial progress and in all three meant full progress for just that attempt. If you got one or two, unlucky ones three, then you had an option of reattempt using Dino Bucks or start that evolution round again. With friends’ help, you got one free successful evolution.

  • Jurassic World The Game : On this game, best case scenario is a one try success and worst case scenario is a lot, like a LOT of tries. With friends’ help you can get one free attempt.

Again, this is just me fantasizing how a similar feature of JPB could resurface in JWTG.


This would also likely bring back a bit of nostalgia for players that did play JWB, and might entice more to play JWTG. Maybe if you and the friend were VIP, you got 2-3 free attempts in the fusion lab, plus a speed up in the hatchery.


What about duos like 3 on 2 battles?


These are wonderful thoughts. But I doubt about the battle duo or multiplayer battling since the whole basic coding of the game seems to be implemented on a regular PvCPU system despite it is named as PvPs. So making that means changing a tons of coding also creating a dillemma if the tourneys continue as the way we used to see. Ludia won’t take that risk I assume. But the friendship topic was always in the very center of the JWP back in those beautiful days, and interacting each other by that way was adding much more taste to the flavor of the game itself. I still remember of me visiting my friends’ parks, getting fascinated and becoming even more motivated. “Fury dropped you a free trial.” Sounds so heart warming already. :slight_smile:

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