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Add a monthy check in rewards daily reward


I think this would be really helpfull to get monthy rewards every days not just doing the quest for example
Day 1: 20 DNA
To Day 20 : 400 DNA
And last day month would be 30 SDNA
Every days gives different rewards please Ludia make this happen!


They essentially do this with the every 6 hour pack, the daily mission quests, and the FB link log in.


I logged in FB since i started playing the game but i didnt get any rewards from log in FB


They do a daily link on the Jurassic World: The Game FB page and if you click it to open the App you get some sort of VIP reward… typically 20-100 VIP points.


Thanks i didnt know about that


Your welcome


@Carnage_Akemi, @Sionsith, the same link also works via JW:TG’s Twitter account. I’ve never tried double-dipping to see if you can get the points through both Twitter and Facebook.


I see sorry didnt notice ur replay