Add ability to form and save few squads/teams


Hi, right now we have one 8 dynos squad where I suppose everyone place favorite and coolest chaps.

But as for me I would like to have an ability to form few squads where I could recruit some interesting dynos and play at arena to see how they perform. And if this particular squad doesn’t succeed I need a quick way to switch to my A team, but keep that experimental squad and try it later as its members progress/leveling up.


Try some friendly battles to test out other dinos.


I totally agree. Now we are facing different tiers on the strike event, and it takes time to open the strike, see the environment’s squad, then come back to our dino list, switch with the right dino roster, then open again the strike event… Luckly I manage to go to the strike events, start and finish without playing any arena battle in the meantime. Can’t imagine if for some reason I need to interrupt the strike event and come back another day…


Hi @Amy1, that’s right but it solves “try it” issue only and even partially as every dynos leveled up to 25 :slight_smile: but I want also have kinda “presets” of immune or armor piercing roster.


Gotcha. Save different teams with different balance/abilities.