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Add albertosaurus/gorgosaurus

i feel like they should add albertosaurus or gorgosaurus. they would be super rare since they’re sister clade to tyrannosaurinae, and maybe they would be unlocked through battle stages. maybe not the best late game but imo it would be a nice addition.

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Gorgosaurus is already in as a Tournament creature… Also welcome to the Forum. :slight_smile:


Albertosaur is very much needed imo, I’m sure hel get added soon


lmao my bad

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I remember Albertosaurus in Jurassic Park Builder. Always mistook it for Tarbosaurus. It would be a good addition to JWTG for sure. :relieved:

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Albertosaurus and stryracosaur


Welcome to the Forum too, @XDPAPASCORCH.

And Brontosaurus

As far as I remember, Brontosaurus is no longer known as that instead as the already exising Apatosaurus. Might be wrong.

It’s a different species. It was at first but then they thought around the beginning of last century that they weren’t different enough but around 5 years ago it has become its own genus again.
But before confusing it with Apatosaurus it became one of the most famous and iconic species, almost a synonym with “sauropod” for the general public.
Deserves a vindication.

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a different genus^


there is three different species of brontosaurus

for me it’s like dracorex and nanotyrannus XD

and stygimoloch lol

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Dracorex = stygi lol

lmaooo my bad

we have gorgo lol

Stegoceras, Crassygirinus, Arizonasuchus…:

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