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Add an OPTIONAL Low Graphics Settings for the Google Map itself

I run a Samsung S8 Active, and it runs the game fine but it stalls when constantly rendering back and forth from the map to anything else. Games like Witcher Monster Slayer and Pokemon Go doesn’t do this. And I believe its because they use a flat plane map over “3D render” map. So when JWA loads the map; it draws the road/buildings/etc everytime which slows down the transition speed between menus/battles/darting Dinos.

Can we have an optional setting that sets the MAP to be a simple flat plane with no 3D renders of buildings to it would be a smoother experience?

The Dinos Loading works fine. It’s just the 3D buildings that works the CPU and burns battery more. This will open your game to a wider audience who can’t afford the latest phone. I don’t have $500+ to drop for an upgrade. Im sure this can be an easy option to add.


this sounds like a great quality of life change :+1:

These are some little changes that I actually would love to become true. I’m glad that they’re starting with something by having an option to deactivate vibration when a creature spawns, hope they’ll make this one day

I hope they go with the suggestion. Optimization would be nice.