Add another VIP Perk - Suggestion

For $10 a month, VIP needs to be buffed a bit, especially since the epic incubator reward turned out to be a one-time-only thing… I have one simple VIP perk to suggest adding: +33% Inner circle range

I suggest this merely to make the $10/month for VIP worth the price. It’s a small change, but could make a Jurassic World of difference to a lot of VIP members who collect DNA from home and whatnot.

Otherwise, VIP perks as they stand are only worth around $5/month. In my opinion.


Tl;dr Add VIP perk: +33% Inner circle range

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Cancel your vip and experience the collect 10 creatures incubator from a non vip account and you may feel differently… especially now that you can get any epic dna from it and not just stygi…

Not saying vip couldnt be better but the extra 1k coins you get from it alone is worth more then 5 bucks a month.

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