Add Anti-Swap-in Abilities

Having a passive anti-swap-in abilities would be something that could be added as a protection against your opponents swapping in those offensive dinos.

An anti-swap ability would trigger before your opponent dino executes their swap-in dino’s ability whether they have a swap-in ability or not.

These would be some anti-swap in 1 turn abilities:
Instant Deceleration
Instant 50% Shield
Instant 100% Shield
Instant 50% Distraction
Instant 90% Distraction
Instant 50% Chance Stun
Instant 100% Stun
Instant Dodge

Give your opinion whether this would be a good addition that would be added to certain creatures.


So basically on escape abilities but instead of the affect being on the creature that is in the battlefield it will affect the creature coming in? (So for example if I have dimetrodon on the battlefield and I’m about to swap in postosuchus, the anti-swap-in will affect the posto instead of the dime?) Seems to be interesting.

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Another example is if you have a creature with an anti swap-in distraction, if someone pulls a Dracoceretops on you to finish you off, your creature will execute it’s instant distraction before Draco can nail you.

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Here’s something similar I came up with a while ago.

Btw, that Titanoboa design I was referencing had a rampage move to deal with swappers, and it is quite possible Ludia was referencing it when they gave Boa On-Escape Rampage.

Instant nullification?

Interesting idea, may I also suggest:

Anti swap temporary immunity (for dealing with stuns and distracts)

Anti swap instant ferocity (useful for counter attackers when the opponent uses a swap in damage)

Anti swap wound (25% over 2 turns)(make your swapped in enemy take a some free DoT, since they will often be pinned down after swapping in)