Add Auto Play for PvP Battles

I would like them to add an auto play option for PvP battles where we let the computer take over and select creatures and moves and we just watch. It might be less stressful but possibly more angering as we yell at our devises at the dumb moves it decided to make.

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Was just thinking that (the later point); seeing how badly the AI plays in towers and campaign, I don’t know if I could watch… :grimacing:

You know?
I don’t think I would do it, but I AM kinda curious just how far the AI would drop playing an end game max boosted meta team.
Aviary/Lockwood Estates?

Do you play on the computer? :eyes:
I don’t think that’s allowed by the terms of service, but not really sure…

He meant the let the AI take control,I don’t think this game is playable on computer

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Last thing we want is something that would make it easier for arena droppers… Select small dinos, autoplay, rinse and repeat.

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