Add bait?


I was wondering, me and a few friends thought maybe add “Bait” to the game. Example, to lure dinosaurs to one area for say, 30 minutes with bait; lets say (a more Jurassic Park theme,) a goat or “goat meat”; Or some sort of “sound” to lure them in for a time. It would really help if someone is stuck in an area for a while and there aren’t many spawns in said area. Maybe a spawn tool that has a percentage of common, rare and epic spawns. Say a low grade “meat” or device can only spawn common. Then an average grade can spawn maybe 15% more likely to get a rare. Then a high grade has a 30%(or more) of rares and 10% epic spawn. But it’s all just a thought.


This. Quite simply this will add a small element of control of when a player is playing!

Not tied to a supply drop though, that would be terrible.


I like it. Goat meat and plants.


Good idea but its basically pokemon go but dinos and obvi without having to use the supply drops … the idea of a inscence to draw them to your location is awesome and i think doing them on 3 stages aswell.
Low grade ( inscence ) plants for herbivores and meat for carnivores to draw in those commons for evos and hybrids.

Average grade inscences to draw in rare dinos .

High grade inacences for better chance at epics and hybrids in the wild .

Love the idea on a whole but maybe could be as a reward from battles or a uncommon drop from the supply drops


Similar idea has been brought up which the developers seem to be excited about. Bit more simple compared to your suggestion; which would make it far more easier to implement. Still a good suggestion, dont get me wrong!


Yes, this would be awesome!