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Add “blood” to the fights

Hi Guys,

I was wondering will we ever get some blood or tearing of the skin when we attack another dinosaur because that would be awesome like it was in the wild.




Unlikely as kids play the game. Blood and gore would add nothing to the game tbh. Would prefer bug fixes over that.


But isn‘t this game originally only for people who are atleast 17 years old? Not 100% sure but I think I had to confirm that I was older than 17.

It wouldn’t bother me either way, although my concern would come from the potential lag it might cause if too many particles are on screen. This game lags on some devices already.

Frankly speaking even ketchup would do if Ludia wants to avoid showing blood. And yeah as @GPx mentioned, fix the bugs too.

It’s a Canadian game… And they are already trying to gloss over the fact that we are the bad guys…

then they also add final finishing moves, as in Jurassic World Evolution or Mortal Kombat.

Or simply have a toggle button in settings whether or not someone wants to see blood during battle.


Of course I love this idea but sadly many will not and I don’t think ludia wants to tick anyone off that way.

Wish everyone wasn’t so sensitive these days.


A toggle button would be fine, but still needless development work that they could spend on bug fixes.

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Yeah I want to see arena bugs fixed over anything else

Well, looks like it might happen.

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Even in July the players prefered a game that worked better, rather than some unnecessary visual effects. I guess some things never change.

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