Add Care Bonus for Cared Creatures in Sanctuary's

Please add a care bonus DNA on top of the default amount for caring for creatures when they get returned. This should include when other care for your creatures as this way we can earn more and help out other alliance members.

It doesn’t have to be a lot.
For epic creatuers, add 1 DNA for each play, feed and interaction.
For rare creatures, add 2 DNA for each play, feed and interaction.
For common creatures, add 5 DNA for each play, feed and interaction.

Also show the number of times the creatures had played, feed and been interacted with.

I know we get DNA each time we feed, play and interact and working the level of these sanctuary’s up is suppose to be the way to work together but a care bonus would help alliance members get some extra DNA they need for creatures they are working on.


I was thinking about it just this morning. I second this suggestion.

I thought it was gonna be like that at first

There does need to be something that increases the amount of DNA received from sanctuaries. At the moment it is a pittance and not worth the effort other than for daily missions.