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Add Creature Tracking

Please add the ability to track creatures as a way to add fun to the exploration side of this game.

As of now we go out and hope to run into the creatures we want and we get what we get.

Tracking could be simple. You hit a track button which brings you to a screen that has all the creatures in sight distance of what you can see which is approximately 700 meters. You highlight the creature you want to find and hit [Track].
It will take you back to the map and you will get a message “You hear the [creature] in a northwest direction.” as an example. Tracking just gives the 8 general directions; north, northwest, west, southwest, south, southeast, east and northeast.

Make it so that every 30 seconds the message comes up again telling you the general direction you need to go till you find it and you are within 25 meters from it. Then you get a message, “You have found the [creature].” You can cancel the tracking any time. If the creature de-spawns then a message comes up, “You have lost your tracking.” with an [OK] to hit.

This would be a great add, especially when we are looking for specific creatures and this would take some effort to get out and find them. Believe me when I say, I would do this all day long.