Add dart packs.... kind of like scent capsules

I’m sure for a lot of people who don’t live under a drop must run out of darts pretty quick, especially if your VIP.

Please add small, medium and large dart packs with different numbers of darts to open when low on darts. Small would have 44, medium would be 88 and large could be 132.

Part of the reason I don’t keep up with the scent capsules is because I don’t have the darts to do them and it is just getting to cold to go drop hopping for darts. So then I just quit playing.

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Confused by what ur trying to say i think. Because they have dart packs currently. Only 10 or 120. But u have to mean something else

I believe the packs he is describing would be obtainable from drops or incubators and be stored in the backpack like scents. Then you can use them like scents when you run out of darts.

As someone who doesn’t live on a drop this sounds great. Or scents should come with darts when you open them.

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Pfft! Who cares about dart packs! Just remove the arbitrary 140 dart limit for VIP players. lol!


I had 800 darts at one time. stopped wasting cash on darts :sweat_smile:

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