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Add Dinosaur Eggs

Like in the second Jurassic Park movie, they found the dinosaurs were laying eggs and would make a great second year addition to the game to be able to collect all the dino eggs.

First, don’t make eggs like Pokemon where they are obtained from drops. I want to find them. I want to search for them and hunt them down. These will be something you can’t see. You just have to stumble across them. A second idea is eggs randomly drop under a dinosaur you launched a drone to collect its DNA. This will push people to go to the dinosaurs because you have to be within the circle distance of the dino to see the eggs pop up.

When you poke on the egg to see the egg you found, it will show you what dinosaurs egg it is. This is the fun part. When you pick the egg up, you have to battle the eggs mother. For commons, you have to battle a level 6. For rares, you have to battle a level 11. For epics, you have to battle a level 16. For legendaries, a level 21. For uniques, a level 26. The battle will be one dino against one dino. If you loose, you don’t get the egg.

For hybred eggs, you have to battle both parents. So for example, to obtain the Stagoceratops egg, you have to battle both a level 11 Ticeratops and a level 6 Stegosaurus. One dino against two dinos. You can’t always make it easy.

Senario 1:
When you get an egg, being reptiles, they don’t have to be incubated. Instead, you wait for them to hatch. 15 minutes for a common, 3 hours for a rare, 8 hours for an epic, 12 hours for a legendary and 24 hours for a unique.

Now that an egg is hatched, you let the dinosaur go. The dinosaur will show up on your map at your feet. At this point, you can launch a drone and collect DNA. Along with you, others with you can also collect from your hatched eggs. This will get people together to play together and you can share your find with your friends.

Senario 2:
When you get the egg, you put the egg into a DNA extractor to which extracts 100 to 200 DNA from the egg. This takes time. 15 minutes for a common, 3 hours for a rare, 8 hours for an epic, 12 hours for a legendary and 24 hours for a unique.

Eggs you choose not to extract DNA can be turned in for coins, 15 for common, 200 for rares, 600 for epics, 1200 for legendaries and 5000 for uniques.

Maybe others could add something more or different.


This is an awesome idea! We need this!!!


Just put a Monomi on your team. After the update it’s guaranteed to lay an egg in every battle

Great idead

I don’t get it



This is a great idea!!! That and also make it to where you could potentially have two of each dino. A Male and a female and randomly produce eggs that you can trade in for DNA or trade with friends… but yes finding dino eggs would be great!

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Lol my mono has actually been extremely useful with that swap in dodge :wink:

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This is an awesome idea. Way to really think it through as well!

I had the exact same idea!!!