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Add Friendly group PvP Battling

Please add friendly group PvP battling with all creatures set to 26, no boosts so everyone can play. This may be a better 1st step toward group PvP with actual level boosted creatures. I really think this will go over well. I have alliance members who love to raid. I can see them wanting to do group PvP battling.

  • Make this teams of 3 on 3 or 4 on 4.
  • Make creature selection from friendly battle roster so we can have separate teams of creatures with healers and other group battling abilities separate from our regular PvP team. Or a separate tab for a group PvP team.
  • Make it to either just join a random team or be able to form a team with our alliance and then enter into a group PvP. So there would be a battle button and a create team button that starts a lobby to invite players that put you into the prebattle lobby when all 3 or 4 slots are filled. Joining a random team takes you into a prebattle lobby where you wait for other players to join. The battle starts when all 6 or 8 slots are filled for both teams.
  • Make points and special rewards for our alliance whether battling with a random group or maybe extra points for battling as an alliance that are handed out at the end of each week. There can be alliance takedown rewards and win rewards.
  • Give incubators for the team winners, same as regular PvP.
  • Have takedowns divided equally among players, rounded for the loosing team. These takedowns should count toward our daily incubators.

It may be that battling as a group may be less stressful than battling alone, 1 on 1, and maybe more would participate.