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Add gorilla in the game

I suggest to add gorilla in the game later you can mix it with T. rex it will be gorillex or tyrilla body of dinosaur and hairs of gorilla you can make that woolly black haired Like gorilla total black Colour and trex body


Hmmm. If that were the case and T Rex and Gorilla make Grillex. Add Skoola to then create a unique…



Adding gorillas to JWA sounds interesting. I’d like to have a creature like Gigantopithecus in the game at some point. I think it’s actually a closer relative to orangutans than gorillas, but it would be neat to see one in-game regardless.

As for a name to give a Gigantopithecus and T. Rex hybrid, perhaps Gigantorex or Tyrannopithecus would suffice?

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He could have his own entry music if he was a boss. :joy:

That would be awesome! :joy:

Do you mind if I attempt to create stats for Skrillex? I have a moveset idea that I’d like to share, but I’ll only do it if it’s alright with you.

I can see it now… Ludia introduce Gorilla… the players scream… GORILLA OP, NERF now!


Go for it!

I have a feeling Bangarang and Kill Everybody may feature, but looking forward to it.

Maybe we can get Ludia to get it lined up for next April

The opening measures of Hooked on a Feeling

:joy: :joy: :joy:

Had to search that one as I didn’t know what it was (despite watching Guardians several times). :joy::joy:

Good battle the other day in the tournament on Friday (I beat you :wink:). Look forward to a rematch - nice to see people from the forum in game tbh

Alright, I’ve finished the stats! Hopefully I didn’t make them too OP, lol.

I also ended up drawing @Agent_AJ 's concept of a black-haired T. Rex and Gorilla hybrid. I gave Grillex the physique of a T. Rex aside from a slightly shorter snout and teeth identical to a gorilla’s. I added a reddish color on Gorillex’s forehead in reference to how male silverback gorillas have a reddish brown forehead as well.

The best part about this is that, while I was coloring it in, my mom walked in and said she’d want a Grillex as a stuffed animal :laughing:

Anyways, here are the stats for the Gorilla, Grillex, and Skrillex! I decided to give Grillex a better PvP moveset and Skrillex a better Raid moveset. As for the gorilla, I ended up making it a tank revenge killer with a new ferocious ability: Crushing Strike. It’s basically a Ready to Crush that deals damage!


Rarity: Epic

HP: 4200
DMG: 1200
SPD: 112
CRIT: 20%
AMR: 10%

  • Shielded Decelerating Strike
  • Revenge Shattering Impact (Revenge: 2x damage)
  • Crushing Strike (Self: +50% damage and +30% critical hit chance for 4 attacks, lasting 2 turns. Lowest HP: Attack x1. Cooldown: 3)

100% Vulnerability and 50% Deceleration Resistance


Rarity: Legendary

Fused from: Level 15 Tyrannosaurus Rex and level 15 Gorilla.

HP: 4350
DMG: 1550
SPD: 105
CRIT: 20%
AMR: 15%

  • Shielded Decelerating Strike
  • Defense Shattering Impact
  • Revenge Shattering Rampage (Revenge: No Delay. Cooldown: 1)
  • Crushing Strike

100% Vulnerability and 50% Deceleration Resistance


Rarity: Unique

Fused from: Grillex and Skoolasaurus

HP: 4800
DMG: 1300
SPD: 116
CRIT: 20%
AMR: 30%

  • Shielded Superiority Strike (Shielded decelerating strike, but it decelerates for only 1 turn and cleanses distraction.)
  • Group Crushing Strike (Same as Crushing Strike, but gives you and your teammates 50% attack and 30% crit buffs for 2 turns.)
  • Revenge Turn the Tables (On Revenge: Your Team: Gain all positive effects nullified from the opponent by this ability. Heal x1 [1300] HP. Cooldown: 1)
  • Revenge Group Taunting Shields (On Revenge: Self: Taunt for 1 turn. Team: 50% shields for 4 attacks, lasting 4 turns. Cooldown: 1)

100% Resistance to Speed Decrease, Stun, and Vulnerable.


Nice work!

I’m sure Skrillex himself would approve of this!

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Thanks; I’m glad you like it!

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Seems pretty OP.

Then add King Kong as a raid boss.



Great great work my vision was exactly the same I wish developers saw this post and they will think the same as we are thinking I suggest Ludia please make this creature it will be amazing to play . Good job brother

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Sure, why not? At this point anything goes it seems. Honestly not sure why we don’t have cave bears yet either.

And I still want my caveman!! Could have bleed attacks with spears, and we could feed him burgers and fries in the sanctuary. Also could use a special evasive move where he runs away from the attacker. :rofl: