Add Group Strike Towers - Like Raids

Before jumping into Team vs Team I would like to see them start with “Group Strike Towers” where we play as a team against 3 teams of creatures.

These would be big pink towers.

To start. We would have to make 3 class teams. As the example in the picture below, we would have a fierce team, a resilient team and a cunning team. Each team is allowed 2 wildcard creatures. These teams would be auto generated at the start and we then modify the team to our preferred creatures.


When entering the tower, it will be similar to a raid where you can invite alliance members and friends. They can add an auto join.

Once each slot is filled, one of each random class team is selected for each player so that there will be a fierce team, a resilient team and a cunning team. The players cannot choose which team to play. This will push players to have the best possible team of each class for the strike towers. The host then hits the fight button to start.

Same as PvP, each player gets a random 4 creatures picked from their team of 8.

Battle is the same as raids except your playing against teams instead of a set of the same 3 creatures. Unlike raids, both the AI team and yours can swap.

To win, you must take out 3 of the each opposing teams 4 creatures.

Different difficulties of towers can be made from easy lower level to hard level 30’s that are boosted.
Towers can come with level restrictions, rarity restrictions and creature restrictions.

This will be a training step to player team vs player team.


I would like to complete multiple stage strike tower without going back map over and over.


i really like this idea adds a bit of spice to the drudgery