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Add Individual Tally to Alliance Items

I would like to see our individual contribution amount in the display as in the picture. My contribution is 353. The alliance with mine is 1553. The amount needed to obtain is the 16000.


A lot of your requests involve individual recognition. The point of these alliance quests if that the group work together but different people have different schedules and time constraints and perhaps glorifying the people who can dedicate a larger chunk of time at the right times is already done enough with the top contribution badge. I understand wanting to weed out the slackers from a leadership perspective but Im not fond of self gratification changes

No No No, You wouldn’t see anyone else’s individual. Just your own.

I wait to collect my individual mission tasks till the end of he day because they usually correspond to the alliance missions tasks. For example, it lets me see how many darts I fired in a day. It’s only daily which sucks but it helps me see where I am.