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Add indoraptor gen2

In the movie they said the black indoraptor is only prototype. So it isnt that they exactly want to create. In the movie they want blue’s dna to create more indoraptors, why to not do it in the game!? Indoraptor gen2=indominus rex+ Blue
The first Gen2 unique dino. If you add this deadly creature I really wana it white😁


That would be an awesome way to keep the game fresh for collectors, have Gen 2 variants of endgame dinos.


then i would like an indominus rex gen 2 aswell

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But in the movie they woud use normal indominus dna and blue dna to create new generations of indoraptors… Better then the first one…

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if your gonna want indo g2 we need velo g2


I’m down for that.