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Add "Last Login" to Alliance Menu

Someone posted about this in General Discussion in April but it has had no action. Please add “Last Login” info to Alliance menu so that Leaders can easily determine who is still active in their Alliance. My workaround (taking screenshots once per week, comparing trophy levels to prior trophy levels) is labor-intensive and involves a lot of guesswork.

This should be easy to implement! It is a feature of most MMOGs.


Indeed, I’ve kicked active players thinking they were gone, only to have them request to come back in a few days later.

I think the biggest issue is flagged players.

Unless ludia ranks them, they will be easily identified. Methinks ludia doesn’t want that.
Rank them, allow them back, and if flagged again delete their account…simple.

This would be a great help, hopefully they listen to the players (leaders) and do this even if it only is an option for the leaders

We definitely need some kind of leader tools. I was just about to boot someone that had 0 trophies, no creatures in the sanctuary, and hadn’t requested DNA in weeks, but I noticed they were top contributor for coins earned. We need leader tools.

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It bounces around every time I try to donate to DNA requests. I have accidentally donated to a request that I actually needed the DNA for and didn’t want to donate, because the chat with Bounce Around Every time I donated!