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Add lvl restriction to arenas

Since stat boost were introduced the arena has become a very one sided fight,AND I WANT THAT TO CHANGE NOW!!!
Add level restriction to each arena to make a more balanced meta


What do you mean exactly by this? and how would this work?


Basically each arena has their own lvl restriction for example arena 2mt sibo will have a lvl restriction of lvl 11-15 creatures that are below lvl 11 or over lvl 15 won’t be put into the fight

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What would it be for badlands?

Plus each time you get promoted 3 arenas you can’t go lower than 3 arenas this was done to prevent droppers,those players who intentionally lose in higher arenas so they can torment lower lvl players in lower arenas.

Arenas badlands and up will have a lvl restriction of 25-30

Ok then what about all of them ?

I’m not sure that would work very well for the game because if you need dino’s at level 11-15 to play in the mount Sibo arena and you don’t have any dino’s in-between these levels then you can’t go any higher in your arena to go to the next one and because it’s really hard to get coins in the game you won’t be able to evolve any of your creatures for a long time.

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All arenas from badlands to shore will have a lvl restriction of 25-30

Indoraptor without indoraptor

Also the idea of only being able to drop by 3 arena’s to stop droppers is a cool idea. I like it but I would change it to be more like you can only drop by 1 or 2 arena’s depending on where you are trophy wise.


That is what i mean it’s basically a barrier to prevent players from dropping into arenas they shpuld not be im


Yeah it’s a pretty cool concept and I like it.

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And a rarity restriction would’nt be so bad
The first 3 arenas will not have rarity restrictions
It would only be introduced in arena badlands
And continue all the way to nublar shores.
In badlands only rares and epics are allowed
And after that epics and legendaries,and then beyand that it’s just legendaries
,uniques,and apex rarity will only be allowed when umlocking aviary

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Restrictions should put ur creatures at the maximun requirement, for example if a theres a 30 thor in the aviary it should get put down to lets say 25

It shoudln’t be like the way u said it as that would lead to people literaly not being able to battle cause of the limit

Also mt sibo shouldn’t have a limit of 15 closer to like 11, and badlands absolutly should not have at least 25 hell i had lvl 15 creatures in there thats way too high

I feel like aviary could be split into low and high aviary, and in the low on with a maximun of lvl 24, and the high one maximun 26 and then library and above would problably have no limit or at least like 28

Also i think there should problably be limits on the maximun lvl and boosts but not the mimimun lvl requiremnts as in the higher arenas if u have something lower lvl that would fully prevent u from even trying it out


Here is a whole list of all lvl restrictioms in arena
Rarities allowed,common and rare
Fallen kingdom lvl7-10
Mt sibo, lvl11-15
SS Arcadia lvl 12-15 ——————————————
Rarities allowed :rares to epics
Nublar jungles:13-15
Rarities:epics and legendaries
Sorna marshes:16-19
Jurassic ruins:17-19
Ratities allowes:legendaries and uniques
Lockwood estate:20-25
Rarities allowed:legendary,unique,apex
Aviary,lockwood library:26-30

I made a suggestion a while back on level caps on certain arenas rather than all, it was a level 20 cap on sorna marshes to prevent uniques in lower arenas, & level 25 on aviary to prevent apex lower down especially as they could be considered endgame dinos, but in all fairness these suggestions bring about other problems, which is choice, I came to the conclusion there is no easy fix that every one would be happy with, & that there’s also a morale issue, some players think it’s fine to destroy other players with over levelled/ boosted teams.nature of the beast so they say. I’ll continue playing no matter what the game throws at me till I get bored or fed up with it, I’m fortunate to be in an excellent alliance, which I enjoy very much , I just want the chat& invites system fixed, as it’s doing my head in to be honest.

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Why bother? You just ensure another group of players get frustrated and quit. Not everyone has a bench to bring on when they get knocked back into an arena their main team has been locked out of.

The dropper problem is just part of the wider malaise that is Ludia’s arena. Every season 100s of thousands of trophies are lost to the reset. The pool of trophies is getting smaller and smaller so more players are being kicked down to lower arenas thus unbalancing the lower arenas.

Ludia has to decide if they want an arena that is going to result in players hating each other because the top players are hoarding 10000s of trophies.


This is ridiculous if the person has high level dinos they will go to higher arenas also there should never be a minimum. By your standards I (I’m in upper aviary) would never be able to battle as only like 3 of my team is at or above 25

I think there’s a little confusion as their is 2 different suggestions, my understanding from what I’ve read, is a
1 a level gate or similar so a Dino can’t be used unless it’s within certain range
2 a level cap which restricts a Dino in a arena by temporary limiting it , as in certain tourney, so if your Thor is 28 & the arena is 25 then it is set at 25 while it’s there.
I have considered it myself as an idea but came to the conclusion that it would be too limiting on the differences between the rarity, especially on players that like to play a wider range of dinos like themes in the arena.