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Add marine creatures PRETTY PLEASE

What kind of prehistoric creature collecting game doesn’t have the magnificent powerful giant beauties of the sea? Tylosaurus, ichthyosaurus, plesiosaurus, elasmosaurus, shonisaurus, megalodon, nothosaurus, ammonite, orthocone, Levyaton, Basilosaurus, there’s so many amazing amimals that would be such a cool feature to this game. Please add them.

Also, Please give gallimimus feathers it’s name literally means chicken mimic and this bird-dude is downright NAKED looks like if you took an owl, stretched its neck and shaved all its plumage off. It’s downright ridiculous. Gallimimus absolutely had feathers.

Another thing this game should do is that whenever you defeat a creature in battle, you should obtain some dna from it, because sinking your teeth and claws into an animal will leave a pretty decent amount of dna residue that you can collect after battle.

I really hope someone on the development team sees this and thinks on these suggestions. Please like this post if you agree to boost it!

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  1. this has been requested for a long time and trust me eventually they are gonna have to add it
  2. scientific accuracy doesnt matter in this game so its okay, also we have the in-universe explanation that they had to use dna from non dinosaurs.
  3. dna farming would be too easy

He got a point though, I never thought of this feature, but you got a point too, DNA farm would be too easy, so here’s a balance:
No more than 20 DNA harvested from commons, no more than 15 from rares and no more than 10 from Epics; you cannot harvest from legendaries, uniques, Apexes and hybrids in general but you can from Parasarolophys Lux and it wouldn’t be more than 5

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the game’s gallimimus is similar to the movies, I think it’s good like this, maybe a gen 2 of this creature could have feathers in the look


Yes that way both the movie fanatics and the science lovers can be satisfied

gen 2 and 3 should be more real looking want me to make some of them with move and how they will look like in the game on jwa toolbox not draw some


I personally feel like Gen 2s and 3s are kind of a waste of a slot; each one could have been an original dino instead of a rehash of the same exact one. That said, if this was used to make some of the movie designs more scientifically accurate (e.g. T Rex Gen 2 has feathers), I would totally get behind that. Unfortunately, it’s too late for that. And there would still be stuff like Koolasuchus Gen 2 and other stuff that are already reasonably accurate, so they would have to have prioritized different dinos.

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ok how about this i won’t draw it tho
Screenshot 2021-08-20 2.23.59 PM

It looks good, but why not just give the same kit to Torosaurus, Styracosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, Pentaceratops, Centrosaurus, Diabloceratops, etc.?

it just something I came upp with a made some of tho but lost them

With 5k Attack it’s too Op

miss click it meant to be 1100