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Add more Dinosaurs in future updates

We understand that Ludia wants to explore different eras and not just that of the dinosaurs.

Personally I don’t like the Cenozoic creatures or their hybrids. These new Permian creatures at least looks kind of neat but I still don’t favor them.

I feel like if there were a mixture of dinosaurs Cenozoic and Permian in each release it wouldn’t feel some imbalanced as far as creatures added.

We know you’re releasing more of each so why not do some of each in the updates instead of only focusing on 1 era?



Agreed. They look kind ugly. Especially mammotherium and smiloceph. I don’t mind some like thylac and phorasaura. Big fan of the gryleneken design as well as brntolasmus. But I agree that we need more dinosaurs. there are so many good ones like carchar and styracosaurus. I do like the inclusion of more permian creatures as I love the gorgons. If they add more cenezoics, hopefully they are not just new re-skins, but new types of creatures like procoptodon, a cave bear, or megalania. But I would like a couple more dinosaurs


While I certainly do agree that we need more actual dinosaurs in the game, I have no problem with the current method of adding new creatures. We have plenty of dinosaurs to start us off so a year of cenozoics was a nice add on. Stem-Mammals and reptiles from the Permian fall into the layman’s view of dinosaurs so their inclusion may as well be dinosaurs. When we get round to seeing the inclusion of marine creatures I hope that it will be a combination of marine reptiles, cenozoic’s and sea creatures from the Paleozoic too. As someone who loves all prehistoric creatures, and dinosaurs most of all, I’m happy to see where Ludia take us with the current theme seasons.


It’s funny, because the recent update made this game appear in a group for JP collectors (figures, models, etc.). Even there, there were people saying the game needed more actual dinosaurs, and how they weren’t happy with the direction it was taking. I definitely think they’re losing a few people because of these types of “non-dinos”.

I’m personally over it, although I’m so glad we’re finally breaking away from Cenozoics. We really do need a return of the actual dinosaurs though.


I much prefer the Permian stuff because they fit more with the general theme of the game (plus we have Dime already)

Best thing about the update for me is the artwork. The full banner with Scuto and Ino-watsit is beautiful :heart_eyes:


You don’t like mammotherium’s design? I thought he was pretty cute. He’s my big fluffy boi.

The face gets me. That thing looks ugly as you can get. The rest is ok. The erliks are my fluffy bois and my sino is my chonky boi

I don’t see a problem in new cenozoics being added instead of dinos. I see a problem in cenozoics being stronger than dinos, displacing them in arenas in tournaments. I really hate when dinos become useless because some furry ones are designed to be stronger (especially when talking about exclusives like Mammoth)


Well Ludia is always going to make their new thing the best thing out there.

But my post isn’t saying not to add Cenozoic it’s asking them to release dinosaurs along with the new stuff so we aren’t drowned in one type of creature.

Cenozoic creatures in my opinion are boring. I don’t use any of them I don’t care if they or their hybrids are better than the dinos.


I agree with you on this, mixed updates would be great. I just took the opportunity to express my opinion about cenozoics

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My biggest want is mabye a Triassic dinosaur like archaeoptyx or mabye a microraptor and a troodon would be nice.

Another dinosaur that would be great is giganotosuarus and on the topic of mixed updates we could add a cenozoic era wolf and mabye a bear

We need some more Triassic creatures. Only have two at the moment.

None of those are Triassic. Coelophysis and Eoraptor are Triassic

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We need the og giganotosaurus.


To be honest, I dont mind the Cenozoics etc., Its just that this game has shifted from a mainly dino game, to an ancient creatures game. I would just like it if Ludia stuck to the Jurassic World Franchise and release more dinos than other creatures.

No need for more dinosaurs, just fix the dozens of old ones and make them useful.

It’s not even fixing them. It’s just Ludia makes something new and makes it the best forcing everyone to use the new stuff. That isn’t what the game should be about.

A dinosaur should be the same as a Cenozoic and a Permian creature. Al should be balanced equally where if you prefer one era you can fight amongst the others. It’s not fair to force everyone to use the “new thing”.

I don’t use them on my arena team and I won’t I guess I use magna and it’s a Permian hybrid but it’s been here from the start.

Had they started the game with all 3 eras and each update included more of each it wouldn’t be so bad. But going for extended periods of only getting 90% Cenozoic is just boring and no fun.

In my opinion.

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I agree, screw the mammals, they are OP and ugly, terrible combination

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What are the two?