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Add more parks islands or more space in the park


We all know that we cant put all Dinos in the park how about to add new park islands? I think it would be really helpful to place most of Dinos i hope Ludia would listen to this post we really need new parks islands


However it happens, we desperately need more space for dinos. Incorporating Isla Sorna is a novel idea. However you do it doesn’t matter to me: every dino in the game should fit in the park. Please.


I have come across a few spaces that could be altered into expansion tiles.

  1. Right in front of the Asset Repository.
  2. The land next to the ruined OG Jurassic Park Visitors Center.
  3. At the back of the park, next to the volcano, behind that one, lone tile (less than ideal, since it’s a small space with it being in a valley compared to the other locations)

Another cool feature could be mega pens. That way you can store multiple types of dinos in 1 facility (that would look much cooler than the fences-based pens) kinda like the T-Rex enclosure from Jurassic World. That way you could have a bunch of herbivores grazing in a field, or carnivores in a unique environment. Possibly the Pteranodon pen from JP:III where it’s a foggy cliff face with waterfalls.

I think it would be a really cool feature, since we already have the Bio-dome with the Cenozoic animals. Heck, maybe we could even make the Bio-dome a peaceable/movable pen. Right now I have no space in my park and thus all my Common and Rare dinos are sent into prison (asset repository). Spit-balling even further, we could remove the AR and make that another tile to build on, and same with the Bio-dome since it’s a movable pen.


A great space saver would be to adapt what Jurassic Park Builder did with the Cenozoic and Aquatic creatures: separate parks

Here it would be easy for the Aqautic Creatues to have their own Park. Maybe have the current aquatic stadium be a portal for viewing mosasurs and a transportation hub to an under water park under aisle Sorna.

The Glacier Biodome could also be the portal to another land park in a winter environment. You could still justify the biodome as being a place where some popular creatures are kept as a preview of awaits guests at the Glacier Park.

Then in each park, like Jurassic Park Builder, which imho does this way better, you could have new pens for each creature instead of being all in the same enclosure.

Because honestly that doesn’t make sense.