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Add Mosquito as a Creature, but with a Special Twist!

After someone unlocks a Mosquito they can still unlock more. These mosquitos are all unique and different kind of like the Unown in Pokemon. So basically, yes, I’m asking for the Unown of Jurassic World Alive. Imagine having 16 of these starting off and depending on which one you get you get a certain set of moves depending on the Deoxyribonucleic Acid it carries inside of it. I think that would be so cool.

So you’re out in the wild and you see Mosquito A and you check it out and you find it has Tyrannosaurus Rex Deoxyribonucleic Acid so now that Mosquito can go into battle and has Evasive Strike, Maiming Wound and also has Defense Shattering Rampage as well.

The abilities and such would change depending on each one. So some Mosquitos can heal. Others can Cloak! This would be awesome. Imagine a Mosquito with Mutual Fury and Evasive Strike. But the base moves would also be different from each type. So one might have a base maneuver of Vulnerability Strike while another has Fierce Strike.



This isn’t confusing. There is a new creature, but instead of them getting hybrids this is a Common that’s forever valuable on its own because there are many variants, but not evolutionary variants.

This is yet another idea where Commons would have value. I don’t see how anyone could not like this. We are long overdue for some expansion in the form of backwards compatibility on value. Everything in my head is how we can make this game more balanced. Here you have a Common Mosquito that can literally contend with a Unique. But still has its drawbacks. A creature with no evolution. I first thought about only having them fused for cross over in abilities, but no.

I’d say having a mosquito as an event chase that gives you minscule amounts of valuable DNA would make more sense if you gotta have it.

But come on… how can you not see how this is a unique opportunity? Not only do we finally get a Common that is viable in top tier competition, but it’s also a creature that needs no evolutionary bloodline while retaining value! That’s unique.

Remember this is the Unown of Jurassic World Alive so Mosquito A - Mosquito K and we can add more later.

Hard pass then. No common should be strictly viable in top-tier arenas. Granted, some commons can have their niches. Tanycolagreous used to be the best Indoraptor counter, and Eremotherium’s viability in Mortem raids can not go unmentioned. But to have an OP common that can compete in top-tiers would be acmassive power-creep. I already have low-level players who beg me for help in the Smilo raid because I found a strategy that employs a level 11 Ankylosaurus and a level 10 Irritator. What you’re suggesting opens up a can of nope that I’m not prepared to deal with.


If I got 10 bucks for every time this guy says DNA as Deoxyribonucleic acid I would have a fair sum


This could be nice for April Fools event :sweat_smile:
Mosquito boss in strike towers

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I’d rather have compies than prehistoric bugs

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there cant be 200+ mosquitos…
there are 200+ dinos…
how about only mosquitos for event creatures or even just 3 types of mosquitos
fierce, resilient, and cunning
so like minions



And @Dinoboy3645 I’m not advocating for 200+ Mosquitos. There would only be a few, but imagine this! You have about 17 Mosquitos or so, but every few updates their moves can completely CHANGE! So you’re holding a literal shape shifting wild card. It’s exciting. But collecting all of them will be hard for one person too. And I honestly would like it if these things could escape. If you make it so there are only a few in rotation it increases their value!

Sounds like exactly the type of thing I would want to level up and boost. Very dependable.

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It can be very fun. It would be too valuable to not want on your Strike Team.

Also these would not need much leveling anyway. We are talking about something that has a different type of functionality entirely. You could do a lot with these things.