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Add New Alphas On Alpha Batles

Hi im a long player of this game and i come to ask if is possible Add New Dragons to alpha batles.
We have the same alphas since the begining of the game i think is a good time to update the alpha dragon list cause the current ones are to easy to take down wen u know they tricks and isnt a challange at all for those players who Enjoy the challange of Alphas Batles.
Thanks for ur time


We asked already for other alphas in battles. I am a player of this game since it was realesed and I know what you mean. Until now the moderators added new levels and space for energy, eggs and the roster; of course this is a great update after two years and a half. So if we wait, we will be probably surprised with some new alpha dragons.


They need to start making huge updates if they want to keep the players interested in the game also they can update the chat also they can put the chat more interactive put some emotes etc


I like your Idea and I think they should not add always new dragons, but improve the game (when I am in the arena, I can’t recharge the search of players, if I do not restart the game lol)

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