Add new supply drop locations


There are limited supply drops around where i live and work and am struggling to enjoy the catching part.
How do we get them to add extra locations?


Currently you’re not able to but this has been a subject since the latest updates and i’d like to take the opportunity to raise awareness once more.

This says the FAQ about supply drops:

I went to Antwerp yesterday which almost shocked me. This is a major city in Belgium. What looked like a fun day from home in the city quickly became a disappointing walk. Even in my rural area certain routes have far more supply drops vs Antwerp.

The picture offers a view of “De Meir” which is a very well known shopping street. The only street containing a supply drop left n right is “De Meir”. Mostly you will see dinosaurs spawning all the time if you walk there; so again you will never have enough darts if you go by foot.

The train station seems to have supply drops around it but once more the Roosevelt bus stop location has no supply drops, where maybe thousands of people come every day. Only supply drops above; which is just a busy car street.


Only once you leave Antwerp you will see loads of supply drops; this street is also a busy street mostly for cars or with a tram.

I haven’t seen entire Antwerp and where more supply drops are but seeing only this made me disappointed and i’d rather go home bike around my neighbourhood vs. having to run multiple blocks to obtain hard needed darts in the city. :frowning:

Once again; revert supply drops to the pre-update one. Perhaps reduce rewards, limit rewards,… Just give everyone the freedom to go wherever they want whenever they want; especially going by foot needs a major buff!! Buff Antwerp too please -lol-.


I understand, my town is a desert in the app, absolutely zero anything no supply drops no dinos nothing… The game is unplayable and now I don’t know what to do


I’m glad it’s a topic of discussion and update. They definitely need more supply drop locations. I use up my darts so fast and can’t re supply my darts without going out of my way to find a nearest supply drop. Pokémon Go had drops everywhere which makes it super easy to load up on supplies.


This is at Disney Springs.


And this is a Target shopping center…


I know that they are adding supply drops because one was just added close to me in the last update. Just be patient, the game is still new, I think they will add more drops for people who struggle to get any in their area in time.


Jesus Christian, even Namur is better off than Antwerp if that’s De Meir. And I wouldn’t recommend it to start with lol


Not many supply drops around me, compared to pokemon i have like 8 within 50meters from home, in JW i have 1 lol :confused: