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Add "no-flock" weeks like we have "no-hybrid" weeks

Give us a break from the 20 minute flock battles… :sleeping:
It really kills motivation playing these super long rounds, especially when the winners are decided by dodge RNG. And we all know more variation in tournaments is needed anyway.


That would be great

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No flock tourneys would be nice, and switching up tourney formats would be nice aswell, would love to play all rarities within 5-6 months whether 1 rarity only or 2-3 rarities mixed rather than 2 a whole freaking year.

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wait was that one of the things we could vote for? well we need it.

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Tournament changes are coming in January.

As nice as it would be, having no-flock battles sets a dangerous precedent. Ludia would essentially be able to ban dinos from tournaments with more and more specificity. And why bother balancing dinos (or releasing them in a balanced state) if you can just block players from using them? If flocks are op, don’t bother balancing them: just ban them! The same could be done for any ability deemed too strong. It’s the ultimate no-effort approach to balance - why would a developer that’s been proven to take the easy way out time and again NOT abuse this? Balancing this game might take even more of a back seat in that case. I’m honestly quite worried about this with the incoming tournament changes.

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We would need new tournament rules for that but yeah this needs to be a thing

Yeah this is a great idea these flocks are so annoying no one likes them. Just another cheap way of saying give us your money, boost these ridiculous creatures. If you don’t use them your at a major disadvantage as there are so little counters and and you base your team solely on anti flock your gona end up screwed even more…

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If I said ban, then sure, but I wasn’t saying have them banned forever from tourny: just a break once and a while. I don’t think temporary restrictions are a lazy or a bad thing; temporary means they are not off the hook to balance them later. And Ludia being bad or slow at balancing only makes it more desirable, as it gives them a temporary relief valve until they can get things figured out.

There is always going to be a dominant meta of dinos crowding out >66% of the other dinos that are collecting dust. Happens to every game. And even if they went one step further and simply cut out the top8 dinos for 2 weeks, I would welcome that. It would feel like a new experience, since the amount of rebalancing needed to make certain dinos playable is crazy and will probably never happen. It would shake things up for a bit, and even give a reason to level other things than the current top8 of each rarity tier.

Ideally that would be the case, but I still worry about having that option on the table at all. I too would welcome a break from the same old top meta picks. But at the same time, being able to just remove dinos from the meta at will kinda gives the developers carte blanche to make them as broken as they want in the first place. And what about people who pour all their boosts into those dinos and can’t buy more? It sounds like the same “bait and switch” strategy they do now, but even more rapid, and without having to actually make any balance changes at all. They can just ban exactly what they want to ban to force the meta in any way they see fit, at least temporarily.

There are good and bad ways to use a ban system. A good way: “to add some flavor, you’re only allowed to use dinos from North America in the tournament this weekend”. A bad way: “we specifically banned all flock creatures from the tournament because it’s an easier way to create a better player experience than actually balancing them”. Even though that WOULD be nice, it’s clearly being used there as a crutch for creating the illusion of balance without any real effort on the developers’ part.There is promise here to make tournaments more different and exciting. But bans should never replace balancing.