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Add 'Pinning Impact' and 'Pinning Rampage' to the game to counter Dracorex a bit

Instead of nerfing Dracorex add more Swap Preventing moves, especially to the lesser Uniques. I personally don’t like Dracorex so I don’t have him on my team, I rather play with 8 Uniques now I have them. But some people do like it and invested a lot in it, so we need to find a compromise.


Easy solution its nerf rat Swap move to a 1x damage and its fixed
Ho and the rat users can cry all night cus they know from the beginning rat is broken and is due to a fat nerf in the future so its their fault if they invest on it.
Not ludia fault


IMO that SI rampage move should be nerfed and pinning attacks could have 1.5 / 2 X multipliers. It’s something that’s useful in certain situations and quite underrated.

Problem is that’s not how it would work.
They’d cry all week on Public Forums. They’d post in those forums questions and directions about getting a refund because (custom reason) and would give instructions on what to say such as The game lied about features! Ect… as an attempt to Punish Ludia.

Always have to address that in any answer to nerf, change, take out.

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If it’s swap in was to become 1x it should gain Swap-In Definite Shattering Strike or whatever it’s called. Would make it useable but more easily counterable


I don’t mind keeping the SI Rampage, I just want more stuff I can bring in after the rampage and pin the little bugger down. As it is, there aren’t enough dinos with pinning abilities that are strong enough to stay on a team above level 20.

Maybe give us an immune with a pinning attack. Then they cant acute stun and hit back.

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Pterovexus it is. But it’s not strong enough lol

just take away its regen and there, perfeclty balanced

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DC should have swap in death.

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