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Add Player and Alliance Statistics in Profiles

Please add statistical numbers to our profiles that can be displayed to other players. This would be for the purpose of alliance leaders deciding on whether to accept or reject requests, depending on what we are looking for. This would be a separate stat sheet in the user and alliance profile.

This is what I would like to see, even for myself:

  • Total Battles played - PvP
  • Total Battles won - PvP
  • Total Battles lost - PvP
  • PvP Battles played last season
  • Win/Loss Ratio over last 20 Battles - PvP
  • Trophy score chart of last 20 Battles - PvP
  • Daily Missions Completed
  • Highest Trophy’s
  • Number of common creatures acquired
  • Number of rare creatures acquired
  • Number of epic creatures acquired
  • Number of legendary creatures acquired
  • Number of unique creatures acquired
  • Number of Apex creatures acquired

For alliances and for those looking for specific active or casual alliances, this is what should show in an alliance profile:

  • Last weekly defense score
  • Last weekly exploration score
  • Highest weekly defense score
  • Highest weekly exploration score
  • Last monthly tournament reward.
  • Highest month tournament reward.
  • Total Rare raids won
  • Total Epic raids won
  • Total Legendary raids won
  • Total Unique raids won
  • Total Apex raids won
  • Previous weeks rare raids won
  • Previous weeks epic raids won
  • Previous weeks legendary raids won
  • Previous weeks unique raids won
  • Previous weeks Apex raids won

Some people are very active and want to get into an alliance that shows the players are active and like to raid or whatever. Other players don’t want the pressure and may want to get into an alliance where there isn’t pressure to do all these things because real life is just too busy. These statistics in profiles would help both players and alliance leaders.


Love this idea hope they implement this or something like it