Add puchaseable DNA in market


Let players select a certain dinosaur DNA they need in the market and it will be purchased with coins or cash depending on what dinosaur DNA the want to buy and the amount they want to buy. There will be limited amount of inventory in the market.


I would like this too (don’t want to wait two years or more to get my Indoraptor) but it won’t happen as it defeats the point of the game if you can just buy the dinosaurs you want.


Made a small ajustment. Thanks @Colin_Goodman for the idea.


Ludia occasionally release incubators with DNA of certain dino guaranteed. For example, current Pteranodon incubator.


How about an indoraptor one @Syg!!! I said this before somewhere that they should have certain ones u can purchase or make it so u can trade with friends.


i like this … and other suggestion Will be that que can sell DNA from Dino web dont want to have anymore… Or to change DNA between dinos


I would love it if I can buy specific dna. I’ve been trying to use epic scent capsules but results have varied. Most recently I only got one epic spawn and it was a Koolasuchus :joy:I’m willing to pay a bit more for guaranteed dna of my choice.


Thank you guys for the support for the idea. Please share post and get the word out to let a bigger amount of the community know about the idea.


That is true @Claudio_Erdellan. That is also a very good idea.


I’m not sold; people with deep pockets being able to get the exact DNA they want? Pretty soon everyone will be running around with MAXed out uniques… How do the people who want to play for free compete with that?


incubator with random dna is so expensive ald, if you want buy the selected dna, i think it would more high price, more blame will come lol


Inventory in DNA will be limited and will restock weekly or maybe even monthly. No hybrid DNA will be available. There will also be a limited amount of DNA that can purchased in a day.


@Claudio_Erdellan, I love the idea of selling/swapping DNA for DNA needed. I know the game is ever changing…but I have so much DNA for dinos that in other words is useless because they are not a hybrid dino that I would need the DNA for. And with my OCD…I can’t stand the notifications to level up my dinos. I don’t want to level them up because it’s a waste of coins…but I hate that the notification doesn’t go away once you check it. And I play for free…I haven’t used real money to play the game.