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Add Red and Green Strike Towers


Add red legendary and green unique strike towers for the high players and us growing players to give it a try with the reward of dealing out some legendary and unique DNA.

As of this point, I’ve successfully completed all the orange ones from the beginning and looking for a challenge even if I can’t beat it just to see if I can.


Maybe for christmas lol


but we might need legendary or unique incubators first though lol


I would say no to this, for now at least, for two reasons -

  1. Strike events already appear all over the map, reducing viable spawn points (since almost everything gets stuck in the event box) further. There would definitely need to be a stable change to how close and how many strike events towers appear within a given area first.

  2. For newer players, or some that even have been around a bit, sometimes the legendary strike events prove challenging already (not saying I’m one, but its something I’ve seen posts about). This being a case, it could potentially widen the gap between those who are able to complete them and those who aren’t for what would potentially be some good rewards (considering what they may likely contain based on legendary event rewards)…it might more end up being the situation of ‘do you have x creature’ or ‘you really have to have creatures with x ability’ to complete. Especially if there’s multiple dinos or rounds.

If there were a way to balance it out though, I’d be all for it! Definitely not against the idea at all, but thinking the community at large with them.


there already are legendary incubators. they’ve been in the shop a few times for 5000 cash.


L30 Indoraptor was only Epic Event Strike

Now let’s imagine if there are Legendary or Unique level…

Indoraptor with Immunity?
Indoraptor with 1x counter?
I.rex and Indoraptor and both L30?

We’re doom :joy: