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Add Rexy to the game

Not sure if its just me, but I find it quite odd that the single most iconic dinosaur in the franchise isn’t in the game…

Do you want to see Rexy from the movie added to the game?

  • Yes
  • No

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I would usually say yes but now that we have mortem rex It seems a bit redundant. I can imagine mortem as a jwa’s own rexy

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we already have the normal t-rex that is very similar to Rexy, if it was added it would be an epic and would be a chopper, you could just call it a t-rex buff

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also why no pic fro jurrasic world? if you going to leave one out it should have been the fallen kingdom one.

But Mortem bears no semblance to Rexy whatsoever, it’s kind of like how Ludia added Blue to the game even though there was already Echo, Delta, Charlie, and Velo

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how could I forget :sweat_smile:

Yes, you’re right. I just meant that i could see mortem as a similar niche of what rexy would be, not that It is a counterpart. But since this “big rex chomper” niche is filled my mortem i see no point in adding rexy as well. Although i would like a buff to the current T-Rex. It could at least have decel immunity.

For me he would be in the game in a rarity, along with bull, Owen’s kidnapping squad, and other iconic dinosaurs of the franchise.

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Rarity: (a new rarity that only includes the special creatures of the saga)

Attack: 1900
Health: 5100
Speed: 106
Critical Chance: 40%

Defense-breaking Purifying Strike

Fierce impact
King’s Devastation (Pierces armor, breaks shields, purifies debuffs, precision attack)
Minimal fierce blow (minimal because he already has a lot of attack, attack increase by 10%)

stun 75%
100% vulnerability
slowdown 50%
crit reduction 75%
gradual damage 80%
tear 10%

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way too op, and we don’t need rexy, we already have so many tyrannosaurids that rexy would just be boring.

Got plenty of Rex already, lets get some more unique dinos instead.

Rexy needs to be a Legendary dinosaur.

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[Update Idea] Tyrannosaur Update | Jurassic World Alive

My proposal for Rexy’s stats and moveset :t_rex: