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Add Sarcosuchus S-DNA to "fight for fusion" pack

I went to do the “Fight for fusion” event hoping to get some Sarco DNA now that Diplosuchus season has ended, but i found the pack can only give me Monolophosaurus DNA and Raptor DNA (wich i’m starting to hate cause it’s so useless to me). Am i the only one who thinks this is odd? I can’t get Sarco DNA from missions, so why is this event also neglecting it?

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Because whoever is in charge of updating the pack information feel asleep at Ludia’s headquarters. They probably also left a Starbucks cup somewhere in the game where it’s not supposed to be #GoT.


Same with the code 19s, now that we have switched back to Monolophosaurus SDNA.


I am very wired I have enough of all S DNA but don’t have the level 40 hybrid

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Same here. Have a long way to go to get there (was excited to spend some of my recent windfall of DNA on getting my second Diplocator, that’s the most I’ve ever spent on one animal! And would need SIX more to get to Level 40!) I expect once we get to where we actually need it, it will not last for long and we’ll be scrounging for whatever we can find too. :slight_smile:

Update: It still hasn’t changed. So i’m guessing they’ll change it after the update, or maybe we flat out can’t get Sarco DNA without buying a pack.