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Add Select From a Pool for PvP - Reward for Creature Usage

<<< Select From a Pool >>>

I’m playing though all my 137 team level creatures and wish I could just have the game select creatures out of how ever many of my creatures I want to use. (I’ve played 92 as of this point).
When using a pool, you go through and put a :white_check_mark: on each creature you want in the selection of creatures to draw from. The minimum could be 10 creatures. Also add a function to automatically uncheck any used creatures after each battle for those who want to go through and use all their creatures till the pool gets down to 10 creatures.

<<< Rewards for Creatures Played >>>

Also add rewards for creature usage as a way to get players to use more variety of creatures each day. Every new creature that has not been selected and used in PvP gets counted. Make rewards start at 10 and every 5 more used gets another reward. The rewards could be cash, or boosts or FIP’s. Creatures used means the creature was on the battle field by way of placing or swapping in even if the creature is one shotted.

This idea comes from feeling like I’m playing against teams that all have the same general creatures on them.