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Add Snake series of Dino's

Snakes evolved before Dinosaurs and we have them now so I would think there would have been snakes during the Jurassic period. This is just an idea for more dinos… not that we need more… yet.

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Actually, snakes (at least true snakes) didn’t evolve until the late-Cretaceous.


I definitely concur with Fanghur. Snakes only developed late in the mesozoic, and got bigger during the cenozoic (Titanoboa). For the majority of the time the dinosaurs ruled (250mya-65mya), snakes were nowhere to be seen. They hadn’t started to evolve until the 60 million year mark, about 5 million years before the asteroid smacked the Yucatan penninsula HARD. Snakes made it through, most small animals did… but no. Your theory about snakes outliving the dinosaurs, or even being around in the Triassic, Jurassic, or even most of the Cretaceous is horribly wrong, Orion - Creationist myth is no replacement for scientific truth.


Just because you can’t prove your dodgy, so-called facts with evidence instead of flagging my posts because you can’t handle being proven wrong just proves my point all the more.

In the battle of Actual REAL Science vs. False Creationist doctrine, the evidence-based facts of actual science will always win. I post fact based on evidence. Actual, tangible evidence. You can’t even seem to do that much. Science wins.


Dude, the mere fact that he said that snakes evolved before dinosaurs did demonstrates that your comments here are entirely not applicable. If you accept evolution then by definition you aren’t a creationist, at least not of the creatard variety that actually deserves this kind of ridicule.

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He’s obviously close enough. Check out his ridiculous essay on dragons, and how they co-existed with prehistoric man as well as dinosaurs. That one was a laugh riot.

Yeah, and it was also clearly and transparently a joke post based largely on the docudrama ‘Dragon’s World: A Fantasy Made Real’. Again, accepting evolution and deep time = not a creationist.

To be honest, I really don’t see how this guy has any concept of how evolution actually works. And the concept of deep time… good luck explaining that one to him.

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For all I know, he very well may not. But respectfully, that doesn’t change the fact that at least based on what we know so far, you were completely out of line here. Unless you know something about him that I don’t.

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Nope. But honestly, posting this sort of tripe is sending the wrong message, especially to players who want to learn the actual science involved, not some weird made-up stuff.

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For the record, I dislike reality-denying people like that too. But I’ve seen nothing here to suggest that he is one. That’s my point.

Well they have Titanaboa in JWTG so maybe in the future they may add? But a counter argument would also be that the Dino’s in JWA are all Dino’s from the second JW movie so it wouldn’t make sense to add like mammoths and giant snakes. But then again mammoths, titanaboa, archelon, dunkleosteus, etc wernt in the first Jurassic world movie yet they still are in JWTG, so idk maybe! Personally would love them to add aquatic prehistoric creatures, and Pleistocene creatures into JWA, and would love to see what kind of hybrids could come out of those too!


I agree that King Kong would also be a cool addition to the game.


Next update giant scorpions introduce a poison meta lol :grin:


Yaaaaasssssssss!! Do it!!!

Yes with everything, monster Island. The black and white version with that cool huge snake that Kong killed was totally wicked. Oh and damsels in distress, lots of them, and Jack Black, well just because…

Not sure why my reply got deleted but here is my gist. Everything monster island is cool.

That’s just mod-bot up it’s old tricks. The last data mining shows that every 25th post to this forum gets auto flagged. No one knows why, but one source close to Ludia said, “it’s just for good measure.”

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