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Add some dispell to mage and cleric in D&D they have dispell magic

Just put that each hero can have only one incantation at time so each one should choose between provocation or counterattack if you cast another the previous one go away in pvp othewise you have to take out tommus he is too powerful and you cannot do a new character to take away tommus skill give same skill to hold characters,for exemple cleric should have a dispell and even the mage if you put only some skill and not other the game results completely unbalanced and everyone need to have just tommus making all team not choosing him worthless…that’s not balanced and not fair

I agree counter attack and taunt combo is overpowered but there are things you can do. Use spells and weapons that hit more than one. Or even do something like where instead of attacking you just move your character. I know for sure the cleric has a chance to hit someone other than taunted just by moving and I know there are others too… not a perfect fix but it does help. These kind of games never have perfect balance because strategies change based on what is implemented by the devs. You just have to try and work within what you have

taunt skill here automatically succeed in the real game i think enemies gets a saving throw to avoid it ,i don’t know about counterattack there was no counterattack in last version of D&D i played…anyway tommus at level 7-8 do 500 of damage to my heroes lvl9 this is way too much I think if you wanna give counterattack to all you should lower a lot damage to 200-300 hp max…

Anyway i think that something don’t go, damage is too random. It seems that if you have to lose they lower your damage and raise adversary’s one while if you can win they give you fair chanches or if you have to win becuase you lost on purpose some matches they make you do max damage and even lots of criticals or they throw against you lvl 4 bots… it is like duels are completely driven and when they are not there are some combo difficult to break like tommus.

Anyway I’m so frustrated by duels that I’m doing them just few times in a day for exemple in last 24 hours i had no chests to open at all cause I didn’t wanna get frustrated by pvp…